Best Poster Award

The Best Poster Award has been established to recognize the scientific merit exhibited in poster presentation and preparation.

During the technical session, the session chair is invited to judge the quality of the 3-minutes presentation.  After the presentation, the session chair is invited to look at the posters of his session. Criteria of judgement on the presentation shall be the ability of summarizing the content of the work and motivating the interest in looking at the poster. Criteria of judgement on the poster should be clarity of poster and appearance quality.

Moreover, each conference day two best posters will be voted according to the participants’ preference. Each participant can vote no more than one poster per day. Criteria for voting should be clarity of poster and quality of poster appearance.


Selection Process

Each session chair evaluates the posters of his/her session. All posters are judged according to the same criteria on a 10-points scale.

For each day, the two best posters will be selected based on the quality of the presentation, the quality of the poster and the evaluation given by the delegates through the conference app. In case of tie, the Poster Award Committee will define further criteria to assign the award.

The 2 posters with the highest score will be appointed as “posters of the day”. The posters of the day notified through app and exhibited on the next days in the dedicated area.

The official announcement will take place during the keynotes and the closing ceremony.


Award Announcement and Nature of Award

The award recipients will be announced at the closing ceremony. A certificate stating the award name, the name of the presenting author, and title of the presentation will be sent to the award recipient after the conference.

Best Posters winners

  • Effect of Facade Thickness on Daylight Performance in a Reference  Office Building.
    Authors: Mangkuto, Rizki A. (presenting authors); Fela, Randy Frans;
    Utami, Sentagi Sesotya
  • Economic and Ecologic Evaluation of Low Temperature Waste Heat  Integration into Existing District Heating.
    Authors: Hering, Dominik (presenting authors); Xhonneux, André; Müller, Dirk.
  • Energy Transition in Rural Areas – Supporting Local Energy Planning by the Development of an Online-Tool for Identification and Promotion of Energy-Efficiency and the Use of Renewables.
    Authors: Caemmerer-Seibel, Uwe; Lück, Andrea; Osman, Ammar; Kiesel, Gerd; Völker, Conrad; Alfen, Hans Wilhelm; Cebulla, Daniel
  • Subjective and Measured Evidence for Residential Lighting Metrics in the Tropics
    Authors: Jakubiec, J. Alstan; Srisamranrungruang, Thanyalak; Kong, Zhe; Quek, Geraldine; Talami, Riccardo
  • Application of A Housing Technology Assessment Simulation Platform in Regulation R&D
    Authors: Rasoul Asaee, Alex Ferguson, Adam Wills
  • Required Specification of Residential End-use Energy Demand Model for Application to National GHG Mitigation Policy Making
    Authors: Minami SUGIYAMA, Ayako TANIGUCHI-MATSUOKA, Yohei YAMAGUCHI, Yoshiyuki Shimoda

A certificate will be sent by e-mail to all the awarded authors.


Best Poster Award Committee

Annamaria Buonomano – Christina Hopfe – Cheol Soo Park

If you require any further information, please contact us at the following e-mail: [email protected]