IBPSA-Italy Award for the best student paper

As part of the 16th IBPSA International Conference and Exhibition, IBPSA-Italy is glad to announce the IBPSA-Italy Award for the best student paper.

Students who have already submitted an accepted abstract can apply for the award in the occasion of the paper submission.

The first author of the paper must be a student (PhD, MSc, BSc or equivalent) at the time of submission. A nomination letter by a supervisor or by the principle investigator of the paper for the candidature support is required and can be uploaded at the time of submission together with the paper.

Six selected papers will be presented in a dedicated session as the finalists of the competition and the best one, also based on the presentation, will be announced and awarded with a cash-prize of 1200 EUR from IBPSA-Italy.

The finalists will be notified by the end of May 2019 and will have travel expenses refunded up to € 800. Attendance of BS2019 and presentation in the award session are mandatory requisites to be eligible for the reimbursement and the award. 


Best Paper Committee

It is a great pleasure to announce that the IBPSA-Italy Award Committee for the Best Student Paper is composed by:

  • Ian Beausoleil-Morrison, Carleton University, Canada
  • Anna Pellegrino, Politecnico of Torino, Italy
  • Yoshiyuki Shimoda, Osaka University, Japan
  • Veronica Soebarto, University of Adelaide, Australia
  • Wangda Zuo, University of Colorado Boulder, USA

The committee will evaluate the finalists papers and the students’ presentations during the conference in order to shortlist a final winner.



We are glad to announce the six papers that have been shortlisted to present:

ID10591: Kathirgamanathan, Anjukan; De Rosa, Mattia; Mangina, Eleni; Finn, Donal Patrick; Feature Assessment in Data-driven Models for Unlocking Building Energy Flexibility

ID11151: Kang, Xuyuan; Yan, Da; Sun, Hongsan; Jin, Yuan; Xu, Peng; An Approach For Obtaining And Extracting Occupancy Patterns In Buildings Based On Mobile Positioning Data

ID10360: Aguerre, José Pedro; Fernández, Eduardo; Beckers, Benoit; Improving FEM computations for the simulation of thermograms at the urban scale

ID11048: Nageler, Peter; Schweiger, Gerald; Mach, Thomas; Heimrath, Richard; Schranzhofer, Hermann; Fochler, Lisa Marie; Hochenauer, Christoph; Leusbrock, Ingo; Fluch, Jürgen; Fink, Christian; Large-scale Co-simulation Framework For District Energy Systems

ID10473: Salavati Meibodi, Saleh; Rees, Simon; Yang, Dongmin; Modelling the Dynamic Thermal Response of Turbulent Fluid Flow Through Pipelines

ID10568: Neale, Adam; Kummert, Michaël; Bernier, Michel; Linear Discriminant Analysis for Classification of Building Parameters for a Large Virtual Smart Meter Data Set

Students will present their papers on a dedicated session. The final evaluation will happen after all presentations have taken place and the winner will be announced during the closing ceremony.


Competition FAQs

Q:  I would like to ask about the nomination letter for the Best paper award. Which point should be mentioned in the letter?

A: In the nomination letter, the nominator must 1) provide the paper number and paper title, 2) affirm that the student was the primary contributor to the ideas and results presented in the paper and 3) describe the merits and novelty of the research presented in the paper.

Q: I submitted the abstract of the paper while I was studying for my MSc degree, I’m participating in the conference using my dissertation research. I have graduated on September 24th, 2018. I want to know if I am still eligible to participate in the IBPSA-Italy Award for the best student paper.

A: If you submitted the abstract when you were a student, you can participate. However, if you are not a student at the moment of registration, you will pay the regular fee for the conference registration.

If you require any further information, please contact us at the following e-mail: [email protected]

All questions and responses will be posted to the IBPSA-Italy Award Competition section on the BS2019 website so please look here first to check that your query has not already been answered. Thank you.