IBPSA Student Travel Awards

In order to assist as many students as possible to participate in Building Simulation 2019 in Rome, Italy, IBPSA will grant a number of travel awards of up to 1000 USD to students presenting peer-reviewed papers.


The selection committee bases its decisions upon the following selection criteria:

  • need for financial assistance, evidenced in a letter of recommendation from the student’s supervisor/ advisor of studies (must be on university letterhead);
  • overall quality of the paper;
  • relevance of contribution to the field of and/or furthering the effective application of building simulation.


To be eligible, the student must be:

  • enrolled in a graduate programme related to building simulation at the time of the conference; and
  • the thesis project must be directly related to building simulation.


Applications must be supported by a letter of recommendation from the student’s supervisor / advisor / director of studies.

The deadline for applications is aligned with the deadline to submit full papers at the Building Simulation 2019 conference, which is currently February 1st, 2019.


Applications for the award must be made via e-mail to the Chair of the Awards and Fellows Committee, Michaël Kummert, at [email protected].
The subject heading of the e-mail should be “Student Travel Award” followed by the name of the student. The e-mail application must include the following:

  • the student’s name;
  • the name of the programme, department, faculty, and university;
  • the title of the PhD or Master’s research;
  • the name of the student’s supervisor(s)/ advisor(s);
  • a statement indicating whether the student also intends to apply for a travel award from their IBPSA Regional Affiliate*
  • the faculty recommendation letter on university letterhead in PDF format.


* Students are welcome to apply both to IBPSA and to their IBPSA Regional Affiliate, but the awarded amount may be revised if both travel awards are granted.


The selection committee will base its decision upon a review of the letters of support and the final manuscripts. Therefore, to be eligible the student MUST submit the paper by the conference deadline.


More information are available here